CPhI’s 2nd Annual Advanced API Convention focuses on the challenges for development of high quality API’s for the Indian Pharmaceutical Market. To counter India’s 90% dependency on China for essential drugs, this conference will address issues on quality, technology and cost efficiency in the processes for making the API drugs.

The event will bring together more than 150 decision makers from across 50 companies and 15 speakers. Featuring the exclusive workshop on API development, the event is spread over 4 days, incorporates three networking evenings, more than 20 sessions, lunches, product showcase and more.

CPhI’s 2nd Annual Advanced API Convention is a platform with leading International and Indian experts to devise solutions for your API needs and help India become a world leader. Our mission is to start thought provoking and productive conversations between industry leaders. We connect individuals to facilitate problem solving for some of the sector’s toughest challenges.

Key Highlights of the event:
  • Workshop on HPAPI Containment Handling, Safety in Powder Processing and Crystallization techniques - NEW
  • Principles of Quality Risk Management and its application in QbD
  • Data Integrity Assurance through CAPA program
  • Strategies on integrating PAT in QbD process
  • Scale up techniques from lab to the plant level for obtaining the consistent yield and quality
  • Futuristic scope of Flow Chemistry
  • Controlling methods for Genotoxic and Elemental impurities for obtaining pure API

Reasons to attend
  • Case studies delivered by experts through their years of API development experience.
  • Only practical and advanced workshop based topics to help you with implementable takeway learnings
  • Intensive query handling from concept to application to give you a holistic understanding
  • Longer sessions to facilitate increased learning and intensive advanced knowledge

Who should attend

  • API R&D
  • API Tech Transfer/ Process Engineering
  • API Manufacturing
  • API Regulatory

What our past attendees have said
  • "Came across various new things and got to know about the working pattern of different industries. Some new ideas for eg, atom economy, E - factor, PMI were dealt with"

    - Mangesh Prabhu,R & D - Manager. Excel Industries

  • "The case studies shared in some of the presentations were very useful because similar issues are observed in the present organization as well"

    - Dr Vinayak G Gore,VP-API R&D, Mylan Laboratories

  • "The conference setting allows direct interaction with all participants. At the same time it allows sharing views and perspectives with the entire audience. It also provides an update about current topics"

    - Daniel Freiner, Thermal Process Safety Expert, Rainbow

  • "The point of advantage was on the practical case studies that speakers presented helped in understanding the concepts much effectively than just theoretical background"

    - Vaibhav A Joshi, Head - API, PharmaZell

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